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  • Innovative Ways to Repurpose Post-Consumer Plastics for Banks: Embracing PCR Cash Bags

    August 3, 2023
    As the world continues to grapple with the challenge of plastic waste, financial institutions like banks have a unique opportunity to contribute to the solution. By repurposing post-consumer plastics into innovative products, banks can reduce their environmental footprint and set an example for other industries. One such product that has gained traction in recent years is the post-consumer recycled (PCR) cash bag.
  • Future of Tamper-Evident Cash Packaging: Transitioning from Single-Use to Post-Consumer Plastic

    July 31, 2023
    The world is steadily moving towards more sustainable practices, and the cash handling industry is no exception. Tamper-evident cash packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of cash transactions, but as environmental concerns grow, there is a pressing need to transition from single-use plastics to more eco-friendly alternatives. In this blog post, we'll explore the potential of using post-consumer plastics in tamper-evident cash packaging and the benefits of this transition for both the industry and the planet.
  • How to Detect Counterfeit Money: Tips and Techniques

    March 30, 2023
    Counterfeit money is a major problem worldwide, and it's not always easy to tell whether the bills in your wallet are genuine or fake. However, by learning a few simple techniques and using some basic tools, you can significantly reduce the risk of accepting counterfeit currency.
  • How Counterfeit Money Pens Work

    January 20, 2023
    According to the United States Department of Treasury, between $70 and $200 Million worth of counterfeit bills are currently in circulation with fake $20 bills accounting for around 60% of that. That means for every 10,000 genuine bills there is at least one counterfeit.
  • 4 Ways CONTROLTEK Tamper-Evident Bank Bags Reduce Loss

    February 11, 2022
    Internal theft, mishaps with armored courier services, and human error lead to significant bank losses every year. In 2019 banks lost an estimate of $482 million, excluding robberies and bad loans. According to Statista, each bank loss offense averaged around $4,213.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Tamper Evident Bank Bags Going into 2022

    December 17, 2021
    In addition to the traditional zipper money bag that banks and armored couriers have used for decades, new advances in product innovation have made a wide range of tamper evident bank bags available with unprecedented features compared to the traditional canvas bank bag.  For businesses handling cash, tamper evident bags have become a cost-effective and efficient option.
  • How Banks Promote Trust, and How Banking Supplies Fit into the Equation 

    November 8, 2021
    One of the fundamental pillars of a successful bank is its reputation. Simply put, customers do not want to keep their money with a financial institution they do not trust. In order for banks to retain their existing customers and bring on new clients, they need to build and maintain a trustworthy reputation using their employees, security and banking supplies.