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Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to You, Our People and the Planet

Our Promise

We believe it is our duty to maintain strong corporate governance and ethical business practices, make a positive impact on our employees, engage in the communities where we operate and minimize our environmental impact.

CONTROLTEK has organized our corporate responsibility efforts around three pillars:
People, Performance and Planet.


Collaboration and dedication drives our success for lasting change both within and outside our organization.


Through our business practices, we create value and reduce risk for our stakeholders and communities.


We take ownership and are intentional about finding ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Empowering Individuals and Building a Community

CONTROLTEK engages in fair business practices across the board - including treating all employees, stakeholders, partners, and customers ethically and respectfully. We are dedicated to attracting the best talent who share our vision and purpose and invest in our employees' well-being and development. Through building diverse partnerships, we are mindful of who we work with and committed to supporting the industries we serve. We take action through philanthropic contribution and community engagement, to help the communities in which we operate and the people we work with flourish.

Responsible Growth and Operational Excellence

We are committed to adopting best-in-class practices that protect our stakeholders and communities, reduce risk, and create value for all. By proactively meeting the highest standards of responsible conduct, we seek to foster trust by promoting transparency and accountability across all areas of our operations. We are dedicated to never cutting corners for the sake of business growth and creating a responsible future by sustainably managing our resources for generations to come.

Ownership and Intention of Environmental Impact

We aim to not only help our clients protect their assets, their brand, and profitability but we are committed to designing products that benefit the environment and lead the way for our socially conscious clients. By implementing close-loop practices to reduce waste and energy consumption and protect natural resources, we intentionally find ways to minimize our environmental impact. We partner with like-minded suppliers to source sustainable solutions and uphold strict quality control and environmentally responsible manufacturing and distribution practices.