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Bank Supplies

What many branch managers don’t realize is that the quality of one’s banking supplies plays a direct impact on your bank’s ability to run efficiently, with little to no theft, and they enable banks to create the best customer experience. CONTROLTEK is known as the best company selling bank supplies utilizing the latest technology. We're your trusted partner is procuring the best tamper-evident bags, reusable money bags, counterfeit detection equipment, coin wrappers, security seals and straps, ATM supplies and teller supplies.

Tamper-Evident Cash Bags

It is highly probable that every dollar in your possession, at some point, has been inside a CONTROLTEK bag. This is because our security packaging has proven itself to be so effective that the nation’s top banks and government entities have been using our tamper evident deposit bags and other products for decades. CONTROLTEK’s line of bank bags can help you reduce internal theft, improve your efficiency, and streamline cash handling.

If you are a customer looking for large quantities, contact us for a customized quote.

Reusable Cash Bags For Banking

Reusable cash bags are critical pieces to your banking supplies. Made from nylon, vinyl or canvas, CONTROLTEK’s reusable cash bags are the staples of the banking industry. From canvas locking bank deposit bags, to reusable nylon flat mailing envelopes, our money bags have stood the test of time, holding up no matter what the world throws at them (or in them). CONTROLTEK has engineered the best cash bags for banking to have all of the critical features any branch could ask for. Some of these features include:

  • Locking Deposit Bags
  • Vinyl Zipper Bags
  • Reusable Mailing Envelopes
  • Canvas Bags
  • ID Labels & Tags


CONTROLTEK’s banking supplies have a wide range of reusable cash bags ranging from a canvas seven-pin locking bag for extra security, to durable 12 x 19 canvas coin bags that will enable easy transportation without the risk of a rip or tear.

If you are a customer looking for large quantities, contact us for a customized quote.

Bank Coin Wrappers and Currency Straps

Many of the world’s biggest banks, credit unions and CIT companies use banking supplies from CONTROLTEK that include coin wrappers (also known as coin sleeves) and currency straps. Our coin sleeves are constructed to be rugged so not to rip open during transit, and have a twist off feature making them easy to open. CONTROLTEK offers a wide variety of currency straps. Some currency straps are ABA color coded and others are non-printed. These currency straps enable high speed processing and make teaching easier. When branches invest in CONTROLTEK banking supplies, there are a number of products that are typically ordered when coin sleeves are requested. These include

  • Crimped Coin Wrappers
  • Currency Straps
  • High-Speed Supplies
  • Automatic Coin Rolls
  • Coin Boxes
  • Coin Trays
  • Coin and Currency Racks


Every banking supply product has been designed with the end user in mind, as well as what features will lend to branches being able to create better customer experiences.

If you are a customer looking for large quantities, contact us for a customized quote.

ATM Banking Supplies

ATM products are important pieces of your banking supplies, as the option offers customers greater convenience, and helps keep queue lines at a minimum allowing your employees to maximize their workday. CONTROLTEK offers the best ATM supplies in the banking industry, and a wide variety of ATM supplies for almost any ATM model in existence. From thermal receipt rolls of any size to ATM encoded cleaning cards, we have everything you require to maintain your ATM machines. Some of our most popular banking supplies products for ATMs include:

  • Thermal receipt ribbons
  • Ink ribbons
  • Ink cartridges
  • Card reader cleaning cards
  • ATM encoded cleaning card


With a wide variety of ATM cleaning tools, security tools, and ATM banking supplies to ensure that people get the right amount of cash with each withdrawal, they receive clearly printed receipts, and the ability to do fast, easy cash deposits, CONTROLTEK is the top provider to banks and credit unions across the country.

If you are a customer looking for large quantities, contact us for a customized quote.

Teller & POS Supplies

Having the best banking supplies for tellers and at your POS is especially important because this is the main area where customers engage with your staff–representatives of your bank’s brand. The right banking supplies can speed up and streamline services enabling your team to be more productive while delighting customers every time they come in to conduct business.

Some of these products include:

  • Ink Cartridges
  • Thermal Receipt Rolls
  • Ink Ribbons
  • Fingerprint Pads
  • Bank Deposit Slips
  • Counterfeit detection pens


When you invest in banking supplies for tellers, CONTROLTEK will set you up with every product necessary to ensure your team is successful, and your customers get the best service.

If you are a customer looking for large quantities, contact us for a customized quote.

Bank Security Tapes and Seals

Ranging from our ArrowLOK ATM cassette seals to the superior strength of our BoltSeals, CONTROLTEK provides a wide range of security tapes and seals to protect against tampering and theft. Our banking supplies consist of seals and security tapes that rival anything else in the market. We support banks by providing them with the best security tapes and seals such as the following:

  • ArrowLok ATM Seal
  • J-Lok Pull-Tight Seal
  • BagLok Bag Seal
  • GripLok Metal Seal
  • M-Lok Padlock-Style Seal
  • TransLok All-Purpose Seal
  • ShurLok Shipping Seal
  • TieLok Nylon Tie
  • TapeLok Tamper-Evident Tape
  • LabelSafe Tamper-Evident Label


From cable seals to bolt seals, CONTROLTEK has a number of other banking supplies that help prevent theft and improve banking operations. Call today and one of our experts will help you develop the perfect line of banking supplies.

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Counterfeit Detection

 Whether you manage a bank or a retail environment, investing in counterfeit money detection equipment like currency authenticator machines and counterfeit detection pens for employees that handle cash will help to protect your bottom line, help you maintain a positive reputation, and aid in hitting your revenue goals by minimizing losses.

  • UV Currency Authenticator
  • Counterfeit Detector Pens


Whether you are handling large amounts of cash in the vault or smaller amounts at the teller station, CONTROLTEK has a solution for counterfeit money detection.

If you are a customer looking for large quantities, contact us for a customized quote.