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CONTROLTEK Unveils Innovative RFID Resource Center

June 6, 2023

CONTROLTEK Unveils Innovative RFID Resource Center 

CONTROLTEK, a global leader in tamper-evident packaging, retail asset protection and RFID inventory and asset tracking solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its new Online RFID Resource Center. This virtual platform is designed to revolutionize inventory management, asset tracking, and RFID as EAS by providing businesses with a comprehensive online hub for information, education, and awareness in the field of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The CONTROLTEK RFID Resource Center is a dynamic and accessible online resource that empowers organizations across various industries to optimize their supply chain processes and maximize operational efficiency. This resource center is accessible to business leaders, retail, supply chain professionals, and industry experts seeking to enhance their understanding of RFID technology and its transformative potential. Through CONTROLTEK’s online platform, businesses can gain valuable insights into RFID technology, its applications, its potential to enhance inventory control, and drive overall profitability.

"Our goal is to provide businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving world of RFID," said Rod Diplock, CEO of CONTROLTEK. "The RFID Resource Center enables us to reach a broader audience and equip them with the information they need to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence."

"We are thrilled to introduce the CONTROLTEK RFID Resource Center, a game-changing platform that empowers businesses with the knowledge and resources needed to unlock the true potential of RFID technology. This virtual hub serves as a gateway to enhance inventory control, operational efficiency, and informed decision-making. By providing businesses with comprehensive information and interactive learning opportunities, we aim to revolutionize the way organizations approach RFID in today's dynamic market," said Tom Meehan President of CONTROLTEK.

Key features of the CONTROLTEK Online RFID Resource Center include:

  1. Extensive Information Repository: The platform will host a vast collection of educational articles, case studies, white papers, and industry reports that cover various aspects of RFID technology and its implementation. Businesses can access valuable information to deepen their understanding of RFID and its potential benefits.
  2. Interactive Webinars and Training Sessions: CONTROLTEK's team of RFID experts will host webinars and online training sessions to educate businesses on the practical applications of RFID technology, implementation strategies, and best practices. These interactive sessions will equip participants with the knowledge to leverage RFID systems effectively.
  3. Expert Consultation: Businesses can schedule virtual consultations with CONTROLTEK's RFID consultants to receive personalized guidance on RFID system integration, customized solutions, and optimization strategies tailored to their specific needs.


CONTROLTEK is a global leader in tamper-evident security packaging, retail EAS asset protection and RFID solutions. The company’s line of inventory protection and visibility solutions helps financial institutions, government agencies, and retailers protect their assets better and run their operations more efficiently. As a company with a history of stable growth and a reputation for strong customer focus, CONTROLTEK continues to deliver on its mission every day: to provide solutions that protect and to always deliver on their promises.

Media Contact: Chris Watros, [email protected]