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What are the Best Retail Security Tags for Holiday Shopping Loss Prevention?

December 3, 2021

Retailers are primed to bask in a potential $700 billion sales earning this holiday season. However, the sad reality is that some of this luster will be removed from this merry time of year due to surges in shoplifting. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, half of all retail theft takes place in the winter months with more than 80% taking place during the holiday period.There are a number of reasons why shoplifting spikes during the holidays, but there are only a select few solutions to ensure your store is not one of the many casualties.

When store managers and leadership teams invest in the best retail security tags with RFID technology, they will be reducing theft by a significant margin saving themselves thousands of dollars while making it possible to hit all sales goals for the busiest time of year.

This article is intended to help store managers and owners understand what the various different retail security tags are on the market, and how they will help improve loss prevention strategies and keep shoplifters at bay.

The Best Retail Security Tags are Custom Made for Specific Products

There really isn’t a good one-size-fits-all retail security tag because the world of retail ranges from heavy outerwear to delicate items such as lingerie and scarves, and from boxed electronics to toys and appliances. This is why CONTROLTEK offers a wide range of the best retail security tags–to provide multiple solutions for retail stores of all sizes. When you invest in an array of retail security tags, make sure the company you work with has multiple tag types for any product.

Some of the Best Retail Security Tags have Visual Deterrence

Studies show that a large percentage of shoplifters abandon theft attempts when retail security tags have a visual deterrence such as exploding ink. When a thief attempts to remove this type of security tag, the ink explodes onto the product and ruins it, thus robbing the thief of his reward or motivation for stealing the item.

CONTROLTEK offers the INKGUARD, a security tag designed to protect denim, designer wear, outerwear, luxury apparel, and more. When would-be shoplifters go to tamper with the tag with the goal to remove it and smuggle the item out, the clear window showcasing the colored ink will stop them in their tracks and send them to another store that doesn’t have such an aggressive loss prevention strategy in place.

The INKGUARD is one of many retail security tags that’s light and unobtrusive, easy for store employees to apply and remove, and these retail security tags can come with EAS incorporated technology for an added layer of protection. With the INKGUARD, benefit denial stands out to all potential shoplifters and during the holiday season these retail security tags will prove to be a valuable defence against those droves of shoplifters that threaten your bottom line.

Retail Security Tags for the Holiday Season Should Protect Small Valuable Items

Finding the best retail security tags for small and delicate items can be challenging. On one hand they need to be small enough so not to interfere with the customer experience by getting in the way, yet they need to be strong enough to withstand tampering and theft attempts. CONTROLTEK provides an ideal solution with the SLIMGUARD–the best retail security tags for lingerie, belts, shoes, hats, purses, sunglasses, gloves, scarves, wallets, and other small items.

Small, luxury products like designer glasses, scarves and gloves are popular targets for shoplifters to hit during the holiday season, as they make for great stocking stuffers and their small size makes thieves think the items will be easy to hide on their body while exiting the store. However, the SLIMGUARD is not your typical retail security tag for small items.

While it is lightweight and small, the security tag is durable, tough and highly versatile. It can be used with a lanyard or pin, and has a wide variety of other uses. Whether you want to safeguard high-end watches, designer shoes, luxury accessories, or delicate items, the SLIMGUARD retail security tag is your best choice.

Retail Security Tags Best

Retail Security Tags for Sports Equipment and Specialty Items

Golf clubs, skis, scuba gear, and other high-end sports equipment are top on the holiday wish list. They are also top targets for theft. This is why CONTROLTEK has designed retail security tags to work with specific items. For example, the GRIPPER GOLF is a retail security tag designed to lock around the handle of a golf club requiring a store employee to remove the tag after the club has been purchased. Its design is ideal for hard-to-tag, thin sporting goods and it is extremely durable and strong.

The locking tag has a silicone liner to prevent scratches on the product’s finish, and it doesn’t interfere with the shopper’s experience. The GRIPPER GOLF comes in standard, super, and hyper lock protection types, and can be used on other types of sporting goods and even other products. Some retailers that sell fine art will even attach it to sculptures. It can be attached to any product with a bar, including bicycles.

CONTROLTEK offers a wide assortment of other retail security tags for unique products with various features. Be sure to call for a consultation to find the best retail security tags for your loss prevention strategy over the busy holiday shopping season.