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These are the Retail Security Products Every Store Manager Should Invest In

July 28, 2021

Most retail stores post signage stating that shoplifters will be prosecuted, as well as signs that let shoppers know they are on camera. However, these types of anti-theft devices for retail stores aren’t effective, as billions of profits are lost every year due to shoplifting, in stores with this type of signage. If you manage a retail store, then loss prevention is one of your primary responsibilities. There are a wide range of retail security products for all types of merchandise that will help significantly in preventing shoplifting in your store. This article is intended to introduce you to some of the most cost-effective retail security products that will deter shoplifting and help protect your profits and merchandise.

RFID Tags are Retail Security Products Ideal for Multiple Types of Apparel

When it comes to retail security products for apparel, RFID tags are affordable, time-saving options to securing your merchandise. CONTROLTEK has spent years developing the best RFID tags that help retailers defend themselves against shoplifters, and offer a wide variety of tags for any product your store carries. One of the most frequently stolen apparel goods are high-end, smaller apparel items like lingerie, scarves, belts, and even shoes. The SlimGuard is the best RFID tag in the arsenal of retail security products that will protect these smaller goods from theft. As its name suggests, the SlimGuard has a small, lightweight design that makes it ideal for securing to delicate merchandise, yet it is surprisingly tough and stands up to potential shoplifters.

For products like outerwear such as coats and jackets, heavy items like denim or suits, and sportswear as well as designer wear, the InkGuard stands out among all retail security products when savvy store managers consider their options. The InkGuard has two surprises for shoplifters: the explosive ink which is visible and removes the benefit of stealing, as well as EAS technology for added security. The InkGuardhas two clear windows revealing the ink to serve as a visual deterrence, it is unobtrusive and light to ensure there is no conflict between the shopper and their experience in handling the product, and the InkGuard retail security tag is extremely easy for your staff to attach and remove.

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EAS and RFID Systems that Work with Your Retail Security Products

In order for RFID tags and EAS tags to fully work, you need the system placed at the entrance and exit point of your store. Experienced shoplifters will typically check store entrances when staking out a target, and as soon as they see an RFID system in place, this alone often sends them on to hit another store. These low-profile systems are installed at your entrance and exit points and run off electronic article surveillance (EAS) and / or radio frequency identification (RFID). CONTROLTEK designs retail security products that run on EAS or RFID, and some products are even hybrids that run on both EAS and RFID. In order for your tags to work efficiently you need the right system in place, and when you call CONTROLTEK we can help you explore your options and ensure you have the right system in place for your store.

Retail Security Products for Fitting Rooms

When savvy shoplifters anticipate RFID tags, some will bring tools on their person into the store so they can detach the security tags in the privacy of a changing room. In fact, most of these tools are the same ones your employees use to remove tags at the point of sale. According to ‘Loss Prevention Magazine’ two percent of daily foot traffic in your store intends to shoplift, female shoppers outnumber men by far when it comes to shoplifting, and an overwhelming number of shoplifted items are hidden on the person when they are in a fitting room. Store managers can’t install security cameras in fitting rooms (at least not without facing a severe lawsuit), so CONTROLTEK has designed the next best thing: the ApparelGuarduses magnetic detection to pick up detachers and catch shoplifters in the act. There is a built-in alarm that notifies your employees when someone has removed a security tag so that they can be stopped before leaving the store. The ApparelGuard is extremely easy to install and operate, and it has an API for easy integration with an EAS system (RF or AM). You can even tune the ApparelGuard  for multiple types of detachers. When it comes to retail security products that stop thieves from successfully shoplifting items out of fitting rooms, the ApparelGuard is the number one product store managers invest in.

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Contact CONTROLTEK for the Best Retail Security Products on the Market

As a store manager you have many responsibilities, so why not simplify your work life by investing in the best retail security products that prevent shoplifting. According to a study done by the National Retail Federation, shoplifters are to blame for 38 percent of retail shrink. When you partner with CONTROLTEK, we will outfit your store so that you aren’t a part of these alarming statistics. Give us a call today, tell us about your store, products and customers, and we will present you with the best retail security products in a bundled package just for you, that will help you achieve all of your loss prevention and growth goals.