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 These are the Must-Have Features Branch Managers Look for in Tamper Evident Bank Bags

December 30, 2021

Just look at bank statistics over the last ten years: losses in currency have spiked due to internal theft and human error. While it has become increasingly difficult for tellers to steal money from customer accounts due to unique login ID numbers and sophisticated computer teaching systems, those who handle cash bags during the shipping and receiving of currency have a significant advantage in getting away with stealing cash. That is unless banks invest in high-quality tamper evident bank bags from sophisticated companies like CONTROLTEK. It’s the purpose-driven design features in tamper evident bank bags that deter theft attempts, and that signify to management when tampering has been attempted that play a significant role in loss prevention. This article is intended to help branch managers learn what critical features to look for in tamper evident bank bags that provide for effective loss prevention, while simultaneously increasing efficiency in internal operations.

Tamper Evident Bank Bags with Large Serial Numbers Discourage Theft and Enhance Efficiency

Highly visible serial numbers, on the surface, may not seem to help prevent theft. However, this is a feature that makes thieves think twice before attempting to open bags of currency. Numerous studies show that items with large tracking numbers or serial numbers impact the subconscious to a great degree; people think there is an added layer of importance placed on the object, and therefore they are likely being watched. Furthermore, money-handling personnel tempted to “dip into the pot” may get the feeling that these numbers can be traced to their shift, and the position they were working at directly linking them to the “scene of the crime”. As a result, a significant number of dishonest bank employees abandon the thought of stealing money due to the perceived heightened risk. 

Tamper evident bank bags also improve internal operations. CONTROLTEK provides branches with tamper evident bags with large serial numbers that can easily be picked up on CCTV. This means that if any bags are accidentally routed to other locations due to human error, closed circuit television can identify these bags and quickly pinpoint their location and make a speedy recovery. Large serial numbers also enable employees to stay better organized, resulting in lower numbers of human error.

Look for Tamper Evident Bags Designed to Withstand Heat Tampering

Unfortunately, traditional tamper evident bags from over a decade ago allowed thieves to open the seals when heated with hot irons or even with a flame placed nearby. The heat would weaken the compound used to keep the seal intact. Today, CONTROLTEK designs tamper evident bags that release a dye when the bags are exposed to heal, stopping thieves in their tracks while alerting security personnel to a tampering attempt. 

Invest in Tamper Evident Bags with Thought Out Welds

The way in which a tamper evident bag is welded can have a direct impact on its durability. CONTROLTEK uses side welds when constructing tamper evident bags like the PermaLOK–tamper evident bags designed for large cash bundles. Side welds fortify the bags and also enable them to fit multiple strapping configurations while improving the efficiency of the vault and improving the organization of cash bundles in their organization for transport. These tamper evident bags are affordable, and rugged in design making it no easy task for thieves to quickly rip into them and make a run. 

The Best Tamper Evident Bank Bags have highly visible Void Messages

In the event someone tampers with the SafeLOK CONTROLTEK cash bag, a highly visible void message appears through a chemical and temperature reaction. This quick change to the product stuns thieves, and most of them instantly give up on their attempt to steal cash. Then, when security teams or management go over the bundles, the tampering attempt is brought to light allowing leadership teams to take quick action. 

The SafeLOK tamper evident bank bag also increases productivity thanks in part to its external pocket allowing room for deposit slips thus ensuring these don’t get mixed in with cash or other items. This type of tamper evident bank bag also has an anti-static liner preventing the bags from sticking to workers clothing or hands. As a one-off occurrence, this may not seem all that monumental, but when you have handlers working several hours a day with tamper evident bags, and clinging is an ongoing issue, this special feature can boost efficiency by adding several hours to a week’s work. Fast hands are productive hands and having to constantly pick up bags that have fallen or that cling to workers adds up to a significant loss in time that could be spent getting the job done more quickly, with no error. 

The materials used to create CONTROLTEK tamper evident bags also allow for better stacking in armored couriers. All too often, inferior cash bags can topple with the slightest jar, and in some cases, bags can get caught on rough edges when falling, and they tear open causing currency losses and major time delays. But with CONTROLTEK bags, these can be easily stacked, stay in place, and enable banking and courier workers to stay ahead of schedule with no inconveniences caused by shoddy packaging. 

Call CONTROLTEK for the Best Tamper Evident Bank Bags 

CONTROLTEK offers a wide range of tamper evident bank bags to meet the many needs held by multiple banking institutions. Our experts are standing by to take your call and help you put together a custom set of banking supplies, including the most effective tamper evident bank bags, that will enable you to reduce losses, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.