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Are You Utilizing Smart Manufacturing Practices? How RFID Solutions for Manufacturing are Taking Organizations to the Next Level

March 1, 2022

If you and your leadership team have been exploring options that will catapult your productivity and efficiency light years ahead of the competition, then you may have come across the concept of “Smart Manufacturing”.

Smart manufacturing employs digitally integrated manufacturing with computer-integrated solutions, and those that run on radio frequencies that use computer-based technologies to track, and perform a number of other tasks and services. Smart manufacturing uses data analytics to increase productivity and efficiency. Thanks to the many components that create a smart manufacturing strategy, organizations no longer have to guess when production will fail and waste valuable time in trying to find a solution to fix the problem, and RFID technology for manufacturing helps streamline any process involving the tracking and management of assets and goods. With the right technology in place, manufacturing operations can end human error while boosting efficiency along with cost-saving effectiveness. 

How RFID Solutions can Provide the Future Success of Your WIP (Work in Progress)

CONTROLTEK offers the best RFID solutions to make improvements to manufacturing WIP operations. Thanks to the innovations in RFID tags in conjunction with smart sensors and software, data can be collected and analyzed in real-time to give management a precise overview of the specific locations of products in each process, while highlighting any respected needed attention. 

RFID tags also enable management to automate decision-making and tasks, and these tags enable supervisors to call personnel in when any hands-on tasks or insights are needed. In addition, using RFID tags in the WIP stage enables leaders to gather critical information through the value chain and therefore enhances each product line’s visibility. Finally, RFID tags used in the context minimize the need for hand-delivered data entry at each step saving organizations a great degree of time, money, and manpower. 

RFID Tags and Range Capabilities

CONTROLTEK designs RFID tags that can be secured to boxed goods, crates, and shipping containers with the ability to send frequencies and radio signals to readers located anywhere within a warehouse or massive structure, and even in any outdoor loading and unloading areas, and storage facilities. The range capabilities enable no interrupting as teams can work in their respected location and send and receive data in seconds. 

RFID Tags can Locate Thousands of Assets

Being able to locate misplaced assets in real time is critical to operations and productivity. Readers are provided to necessary personnel to be used on the manufacturing floor and surrounding areas. Without the need for IT support or advanced knowledge in information technology, workers can take the readers straight from the box and instantly locate and track misplaced assets. In addition, software capabilities can even enable workers to use a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to track assets using the cloud. 

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RFID Technology Enables the Extension of Boundaries

Smart manufacturing must be able to utilize stealth abilities and based on the Internet of Things (IoT), boundaries can be extended using RFID technology to fine-tune asset location, supply chain tracking, plant operations, work order processing, and maintenance management well beyond the physical walls of the warehouse or factory environment. CONTROLTEK’s RFID tags are designed and constructed to meet the challenges of the outdoor environment. This allows personnel to use readers and handheld smart devices to follow asset movement, in real time, while sending and receiving critical data to and from multiple points. 

Call CONTROLTEK to Learn How RFID Technology can Improve Manufacturing Practices

Whether you intend to implement RFID technology with cloud manufacturing or custom software, you need to ensure you have the tight tags and readers that will meet every single need, and that will accommodate your workforce size and coverage areas. Our specialists are standing by to take your call and will be able to piece together a custom RFID solution that will place you light years ahead of competing operations.