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Modern Currency Bags Thwart Thieves, Help Banks and Retail Stores Guard Against Loss

February 14, 2014

New benchmark in handling mixed deposits and cash-transfer shipments

 Money deposit bags developed by security experts are a major component of loss prevention.

The patented TripLok® brand of currency security bags from CONTROLTEK ISP (Intelligent Security Packaging) in Cranford, N.J. has sophisticated anti-tampering and closure features.

ISP is one of three divisions of parent company CONTROLTEK, which developed its product lines through research and collaboration within the financial and retailing sectors. As a result, CONTROLTEK gained new perspectives on how to address the issue of loss prevention, seen through the lense of its customers, versus working in isolation on product development.

TripLok® security bags meet stringent Vault Process Certification (VPC) standards, which were developed by Controltek’s security experts in consultation with cash vault and loss-prevention professionals across the United States.

These sophisticated currency bags contain several important attributes, such as:

  • The appearance of a high-visibility void message when tampered with.
  • Specially formulated thermochromic ink that turns red when subjected to heat.
  • Unique triple-seal closure with interior adhesive sealing.
  • Security micro-perforation that releases when an attempt is made to pull up the closure.
  • Anti-static metalized release liner that does not cling to clothes when removed.
  • Aqua-detection ink that smears when exposed to moisture.
  • Sequential numbers embedded in closure.
  • Security micro-print along indented side welds.