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Magnet Detection Pioneer Alert Systems Selects CONTROLTEK as Exclusive Regional Partner

March 29, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (March 29, 2018) – CONTROLTEK, the second-largest RF EAS company in the U.S., has partnered with Danish technology innovator Alert Systems, to expand the availability of booster bag and magnet detectors to U.S. retailers.

“Professional shoplifters, and especially organized retail crime (ORC) groups, have learned to use magnetic detachers to remove EAS tags,” said Tom Meehan, CONTROLTEK’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Security Officer. “On top of this, booster bags continue to be as prevalent as ever.  Probably the best booster bag and magnet detectors in the world made specifically for retail loss prevention are the Hyperguard and Apparelguard made by Alert Systems, which is why we are especially excited about this new partnership.”

Meehan emphasized that the most appealing quality of Alert Systems booster bag and magnet detectors is that they allow store personnel to prevent theft before the attempt is even made, which is different from EAS systems which detect shoplifters on the way out.  He also added that the detectors come in three flavors: as standalone pedestals at the store entrance, as add-on hardware built into EAS pedestals, and as wall-mounted detectors for fitting rooms (in Apparelguard’s case).

“CONTROLTEK has a unique program for systems installations, called First Time Right,” said Troels Garibaldi Falkenberg, CEO of Alert Systems.  “Its success rate has been impressive, which is why we believe CONTROLTEK is an ideal partner to bring our technology to the wider audience in North America.”

More information about Alert Systems’ booster bag and magnet detectors is available on CONTROLTEK’s website.