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Retail Store Security | Controltek Security Solutions

December 10, 2019

Preventing shoplifting is one of the most straightforward ways retailers can reduce shrink in their inventory. Sending a strong message of deterrence to thieves relies on having reliable retail store security to show that you are taking loss prevention seriously. These retail security measures can vary from tried-and-true physical security techniques to implementing cybersecurity protection in your store.

How to Maintain Your Retail Store Security

Use retail security solutions that work for you. If you are a smaller retailer, it is probably not necessary to buy the latest security system equipped with artificial intelligence. Instead, invest your money in more affordable technology, such as an EAS system at entry and exit points, security cameras throughout your store and scanners and barcode labels to manage your inventory.

Examine your store to figure out which retail security measures you need. Perform regular checks on each part of your store to identify areas prone to security breaches, such as low-visibility corners and shelves with high-value items. You should also take note of high-risk items in your inventory, such as cosmetics, luxury goods and pharmaceuticals. After examining your store layout and your inventory, you can then decide if you need to implement new security measures, such as adding security cameras to areas of low visibility, or simply adjust your strategy.

Be aware of digital threats to retailers. Today’s evolving technology makes it easier for thieves and other malicious actors to take advantage of retailers who are not aware of these threats. These cyberattacks include website hacking, customer data breaches and card skimming. The best way to protect yourself and your customers from digital threats is to ensure that your software is up to date and that you are using appropriate security measure to protect customer data. To protect customers’ credit card information, you should make sure your payment processing system is PC compliant and that you can accept EMV or chip payments. 

Train your employees to be aware of your retail security measures. Your retail security solutions only work as well as the store associates who use them. As part of a new employee’s training process, include an overview of your store’s retail security and demonstrate these security measures to make sure they understand. This can include showing them how to properly deactivate and detach security tags or what to do if your retail security system has triggered an alarm. If you have a specific procedure for something, it can be helpful to post guidelines in the stockroom, break room or behind the counter for your employees.

Perform regular loss prevention audits. Set up an LP checklist for your store and have your LP team or a third-party professional go through your store to check if your retail security measures are working correctly. This list will vary for every retailer, but some common points include:

  • Is the retail security system functioning correctly?
  • Are the POS keys kept in a secure location?
  • Are you restricting store access to store personnel during business hours only?
  • Are you limiting high-risk transactions and POS tasks to authorized personnel only?
  • Have all items been tagged with a security tag and/or barcode?
  • Does everyone on your team understand store policies about issuing refunds, voiding transactions, etc.?

Update Your Retail Store Security with CONTROLTEK

If you want to take the next step in improving your retail store security, CONTROLTEK has a wide range of cost-effective retail security solutions to meet your needs. From visual deterrence security tags to LP system installation and deployment, we will work with you to update your retail security and get the ROI you expect. Contact us today to connect with our team of experts and start fighting shrink today.