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Shoplifting Security | CONTROLTEK | Retail Security Systems

November 19, 2019

If you are wondering how to prevent shoplifting, you have probably heard the recommendation to install a retail security system, like an EAS system, many times. An EAS system is a user-friendly and efficient way for retailers to deter thieves and reduce shrink in their stores. However, if your EAS system is alerting your staff with false alarms more often than not, this can desensitize your staff to the threat of shoplifting, making your investment in shoplifting security less effective.

Here is a list of X ways to reduce shoplifting false alarms:

Perform regular checks on your EAS system. Ideally, you should check your EAS system once a day by following the system manufacturer’s operating procedures to ensure the system is on and working properly. As part of your regular system checks, your store associates should also make sure that your magnetic detachers are working correctly and are plugged into a power source, if necessary.

Implement a “no tag” zone near your EAS pedestals. In most cases of false alarming, an EAS tag near the EAS antenna is what triggers the alarm. The “no tag” zone is about 6 feet around the EAS system. This area should be kept free of product displays and clothing racks with tagged merchandise, along with LCD screens and even decorations. Objects with metal or foil have been known to trigger an EAS alarm.

Train your staff to properly deactivate and detach EAS tags. “Tag pollution,” which occurs when EAS tags and labels are not correctly deactivated and removed after purchase, is another common cause of shoplifting false alarms. Ensure that all your store associates understand how to use a magnetic detacher to deactivate and remove an EAS tag to reduce the rate of tag pollution in your store.

Position EAS tags and labels close to the item’s barcode tag. This helps your staff deactivate labels and remove tags quickly and effectively at checkout. Just make sure that the placement of the EAS tag or label does not affect the customer’s experience of the item.

If you are still having trouble with false alarms with your EAS system, contact us today to speak to one of our retail security system experts. Even if you do not have an EAS system from CONTROLTEK, we provide maintenance and repair services for EAS systems from a wide range of manufacturers.