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How to Choose the Best Banking Security Products

June 4, 2021

In today’s increasingly unpredictable world, you need to do whatever you can to keep your money safe, especially when transferring it to and from banking institutions. Knowing how to choose the best security bank products helps ensure that transactions are safe and your money is secured at all times.

Banking security products run the gamut. From the basic banking supplies you use to organize and handle your coins and bills to the systems used to track and monitor cash on location or in transit, your business should develop a comprehensive banking security strategy with a trusted partner.

Understanding the types of products available is an important first step in keeping your hard-earned money secure. Here is a closer look at the types of products and services available and what they mean to your security bank products selection process.

Basic Banking Supplies


Consider what your bank or business needs to manage the flow of thousands or millions of dollars in and out of your business every day. From cash flow solutions to organizational supplies, basic banking products help keep cash and coins secure and organized both on premise and in transit.

Here are some of the most critically needed basic banking supplies:


  • Coin Wrappers. Coin wrappers, whether crimped or flat, help keep your coins manageable and protected. When coins are being moved to and from safes, cashiers and tellers, you want reliable, heavy-duty wrappers that protect currency 
  • Automated Coin Wrappers. When using coin counting machines, automated coin wrapper rolls help to quickly manage and assemble loose change 
  • Currency Straps. Keep your paper currency organized with straps color coded for different denomination bundles 
  • Coin Boxes and Coin Trays. Once your coins are rolled, store them in stacked coin trays or boxes for easy transportation and storage 
  • Coin and Currency Racks. Hold coins and currency at workstations or in safes with racks that allow for easy access and movement within your place of business 

ATM Supplies

ATM Supplies 

Regardless of the ATM models being used, there is a need for supplies that keep machines working and customers satisfied. Here are a few of the critical supplies necessary for smooth operations: 

  • Thermal Receipt Rolls. Provide reliable receipts that capture transactions accurately and last 
  • Ink Ribbons and Ink Cartridges. Make sure your machines can print receipts for extended periods for changing with smudge-proof, easy-to-read ink supplies 
  • Cleaning Cards. Whether to clean your card readers, card pathways, transport belts or guide rollers, card reader and ATM encoded cleaning cards are essential supplies 

Teller and Point-of-Sale (POS) Supplies 

Bank tellers and front-of-house employees need supplies that allow for regular operations with minimal disruptions. These supplies provide employees with reliable equipment for frequent tasks and include: 

  • Ink Cartridges 
  • Thermal Receipt Rolls 
  • Ink Ribbons 
  • Fingerprint Pads 

Bank employees using money counting machine while sorting and counting paper banknotes inside bank vault.

Security Tapes and Seals 

Seals, tapes, and ties help protect your ATMs, cash and coins and other equipment protected. If there is a security issue, these products help to ensure it is noticed immediately while protecting materials at rest or in transit. Consider the following products as part of your security solution: 

  • ArrowLok ATM Seal 
  • J-Lok Pull-Tight Seal 
  • BagLok Bag Seal 
  • GripLok Metal Seal 
  • M-Lok Padlock-Style Seal 
  • TransLok All-Purpose Seal 
  • ShurLok Shipping Seal 
  • TieLok Nylon Tie 
  • TapeLok Tamper-Evident Tape 
  • LabelSafe Tamper-Evident Label 

Reusable Money Bags 

Reusable money bags are at the core of any banking security product solution. Whether made from nylon, vinyl or canvas, these bags are durable and sturdy. Money bags and reusable money envelopes come in many different sizes and many include zippers and locks. Be sure to have ID tags and labels available also. 

Banking Security Solutions 

Advanced banking security solutions provide more protection for valuable bank assets. Among the products to consider are the following. 

Bank Cash Bags, Coin Bags and Bundle Bags 

Use the following products for everyday banking operations: 

  • Tamper-Evident Bank and Retail Cash Bags. Essential components of vault and cash transport operations, these bags, depending on the model selected, include void messaging, thermochromic ink that turns red when heated, triple-seal closures, anti-static liners, additional pockets for deposit slips and checks, large serial numbers and barcodes for use with CCTV systems and aqua-detect ink to indicate exposure to fluids 
  • Single-Use Coin Bags. Efficiently and securely transport coins with convenient bags featuring tamper-resistant closures, reinforced die-cut handles, large serial numbers, federally compliant labeling and writing areas and Vault Process Certification (VPC) manufacturing 
  • Cash Bundle Bags. These bags are designed to fit various strapping configurations and keep cash better organized for transportation. Features include side-weld construction, hot melt technology and options for use with or without a gusset 

Counterfeit Detection 

Protect your bank or retail business from losses due to counterfeit bills. Counterfeit detector pens are a classic screening tool used by retail clerks and bank tellers and are the best first line of defense against fraud. A currency authenticator uses a UV lamp to detect ultraviolet threads in newer currency, drivers’ licenses, credit cards and other documents and may come with a magnetic head to detect magnet ink security features. 

The Importance of Customization 

Off-the-shelf products do not always meet your banking needs. That is why you should look to partner with a company that provides customized solutions for your security bank products. 

These customized solutions start with the basics … with cash, coin and bundle bags that come in clear or opaque materials, color choices, the use of custom graphics, different sizes, different thicknesses, varying numbers of pockets and tamper-evident features best suited for your security solution.  

Customized fulfillment is also critical. Whether purchasing by the pallet or needing products delivered to multiple locations on pre-defined schedules, look for a partner that can offer flexible fulfillment plans that efficiently and predictably deliver what you need when you need it. 

CONTROLTEK is a family-owned business established in 1976. Today, the company operates on three continents and has a state-of-the-art logistics network designed to meet financial, banking and retail customer needs. From security bank products to retail RFID and inventory control solutions, we help customers save money while keeping cash operations protected.