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How Tamper Evident Security Labels Work

October 15, 2019

Tamper-evident technology has existed since ancient times, beginning with wax, clay or metal seals used to show if a letter had been opened since it was written. Today, tamper-evident security labels are a cost-effective way to deter theft and show unmistakable visual signs of tampering.

The most common and widely applicable label is tamper seal tape, which leaves printed text on the item when removed. Tamper-evident security labels are suited for use on most surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, plastic and paper. This makes them an ideal security solution for ATM cassettes, drawers, file cabinets and electronic equipment.

Common tamper-evident features include:

  • Hidden print layers to indicate opening, often by leaving behind printed text that reads “VOID” or “TAMPER EVIDENT”
  • Intentionally weak components
  • Printing that cannot be realigned after the tape or label has been cut or torn
  • Perforations that make removing the tape or label in one piece more difficult

CONTROLTEK’s line of tamper-evident security tapes and seals are not average security labels that can be defeated by a skilled thief. Our labels’ design and high-quality materials make them impossible to remove intact and without leaving behind tamper-evident residue. They can protect your assets in any environment, regardless of temperate, humidity and pressure.