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How CONTROLTEK Provides First Time Right Systems Deployment

June 28, 2021

In addition to finding the right solution for your business, systems deployment is one of the most crucial parts of adding EAS or RFID technology to your operations. At CONTROLTEK, we provide a holistic approach to managing system installation. With over 45 years of experience in product and technology deployments across multiple industries, from retail and supply chain management to aerospace and manufacturing, we are striving to perfect the process.

The First Time Right Approach

When it comes to systems deployment, we use our First Time Right approach, which has resulted in 98 percent of our clients signing off on their new system after installation is complete. To successfully deploy systems for our clients, we focus our program on human-centered design: By working closely with our clients to understand the challenges they are facing, we can help them develop solutions that resolve their issues and implement these solutions without disrupting their operations. Because we are not exclusive to one particular type of technology, we can create customized solutions that are designed to address the unique needs of a client’s business. We also collaborate with the client to look ahead and collectively determine what their needs may be in the future.

For every installation, we assign a dedicated national support team that develops detailed project plans to define timelines, deadlines, and the client’s requirements. During this process, we think through every possible installation “exception” — all the what-ifs that are possible and a contingency plan for each one, based on each client’s unique challenges. We also only work with certified service technicians and installation representatives who are fully trained in the products, technologies, and network systems they install.

With thousands of successful systems installations over the past 15 years, we have developed a well-documented scope of work backed by procedures that outline each step of the installation process. The client’s involvement in the systems deployment process doesn’t stop at the planning stage. In fact, we work directly with our clients throughout the entire process, giving them access to a client portal and centralized data repository so they can follow the process from start to finish. This enables our clients to see how their system came together, from the original proposal and the final design to notes from our contractors and other trades for their reference.

Once the client approves their installation as complete, we close out the project as First Time Right with no return trip needed, except for specialized training or further upgrades. And even after the project is complete and approved by the client, we continue to provide ongoing support services on a proactive basis.

The Typical Systems Deployment Process


1. Planning

Every installation project begins with a collaborative strategy session with the client where we begin to develop the roadmap for the entire project. As part of the roadmap, we deliver our statement of work to the client for their approval so they become directly involved in the project from the very beginning. We also ask our clients to participate in our RemoteSERVE program, which provides proactive system health monitoring, data hosting, and reporting services for their solutions.

During the roadmap process, we use a deployment planning forecaster to analyze the client’s business and create a detailed plan for the project. This plan includes a list of locations, expected timelines, and all the equipment needed for deployment to ensure we have everything we need for a successful deployment. We also conduct site surveys (in person or virtually) to gather critical data, like equipment and installation requirements and other trades that could be involved in the installation, like contractors, electricians, or network cable providers.

2. Approval

Once our team and the client have created a complete picture of what the project will look like, we make a recommendation of what solutions to implement and provide a quote to ensure the client has a full understanding of the project.

Once we have the client’s approval to start, we schedule calls and meetings with all stakeholders and other vendor-managed services, like electricians, carpenters, or cable providers so we can make sure everyone is on the same page. We also provide all the necessary equipment and certified resources, scheduled to arrive on time and in full for a First Time Right installation

3. Installation

We always schedule the installation date well in advance to make sure the client knows the time frame and can prepare; accordingly, for some projects, this could involve ensuring the store manager is on location for the installation, for projects that have an early morning or overnight schedule.

Our certified technicians are trained to understand the ins and outs of the technology they will be installing. For added professionalism, our technicians have identification badges if they need to be added to a vendor list and are mindful of any patrons to ensure the installation does not disrupt the client’s operations. In fact, our team always leaves the site cleaner than they found it, with a fully functional system installed and all client inquires addressed.

As part of the installation process, we offer system training to all onsite employees, including store associates, managers, and supervisors so they can learn how to use the system right away. However, for large-scale installations, we also offer off-site “train the trainer” programs for district and regional managers. No matter the client’s preference, our team is equipped to handle anything from a single-store installation to a nationwide rollout to ensure we train all employees and address any questions.

4. Post-Installation

Throughout the process, we perform routine status reports on all active projects and conduct timely reviews with our clients to ensure we are on track and meeting their requirements and expectations. After installation is complete, we perform a thorough close-out review that includes a full review of the project with key personnel and stakeholders, pre-and post-installation photos, and post-installation reports for network systems. During the project review, we also work with the client to plan for future activities, such as additional installation or upgrading to dual technology to future-proof their system.

As a single-source solution provider, we provide behind-the-scenes support to our clients by proactively monitoring the performance and health of the system across all locations. If our team notices anything out of the ordinary, we contact the client right away to develop a plan and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Upgrade Your System with CONTROLTEK’s First Time Right Promise

At CONTROLTEK, we know how busy retailers and LP professionals are today, often constrained by shrinking budgets and a growing list of challenges. By taking a proactive approach to system development, installation and monitoring, we remain dedicated and attentive to all of our clients’ needs to address today’s problems and plan for tomorrow.

To get in touch with one of our systems deployment specialists, contact us today.