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CONTROLTEK’s Tom Meehan Joins Zero Trafficking Advisory Board

June 1, 2021

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (June 1, 2020) – Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer at CONTROLTEK and leading expert in cybersecurity and organized retail crime, recently joined the advisory board of Zero Trafficking, an organization that offers resources and training to combat human trafficking.

The Zero Trafficking team consists of technology researchers, artificial intelligence experts and specialized trainers who have crafted methods and databases based on anti-trafficking best practices. These resources are available to government agencies, law enforcement, intelligence professionals and social media experts working in the fight against human trafficking.

“We exist because there were no cohesive ways to identify, track and report bad actors, organizations, networks and links to other criminal enterprises,” said Noel Thomas, chief executive officer and co-founder of Zero Trafficking. “Several years ago, Tom published an article about the link between human trafficking and organized retail crime and I knew then he would be a great asset to our cause.” Thomas also serves as the Chairman of the Technology Subcommittee for the Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force.

“Since the early days of my retail loss prevention career, the anti-trafficking movement has been an important cause to me,” said Meehan. “I’m honored to become a part of Zero Trafficking and help the retail industry stay informed about the challenges around human trafficking and its ties to organized retail crime (ORC). I have been working with the Zero Trafficking team on active intelligence gathering and I’m excited to share our learnings with the retail industry to support efforts to reduce ORC.”

“I’m pleased to support Tom’s involvement with Zero Trafficking and commend them for the critical work they are doing to equip the retail industry with resources and solutions to help combat the evolving challenges they are faced with in regards to ORC,” said Rod Diplock, CEO of CONTROLTEK.

The Zero Trafficking team has produced solutions that support decision-making in investigations, prosecutions and victim rescues. Resources and services can be found on