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CONTROLTEK Facilitates Two-Day Design Thinking Workshop at Rite Aid Innovation Center

December 1, 2023

CONTROLTEK, a global leader in tamper-evident packaging, retail asset protection and RFID inventory and asset tracking solutions recently collaborated with Rite Aid to facilitate a transformative Two-Day Design Thinking workshop at the Rite Aid Innovation Center. The event brought together Rite Aid's Asset Protection (AP) teams and industry solution providers to collaboratively address challenges and explore innovative solutions for creating safer and more enjoyable shopping environments.

Hosted at the Rite Aid Innovation Center, this Design Thinking Workshop aimed to encourage creative problem-solving and foster a collaborative spirit among industry professionals. Rite Aid, a trusted and well-established pharmacy-led health and wellness company, extended invitations to its solution providers and their AP team to engage in a dynamic exploration of challenges faced within their stores.

Chad McIntosh, Interim Vice President of Asset Protection at Rite Aid, expressed enthusiasm about the workshop, stating, "The Two-Day Design Thinking workshop was a great way for solution providers and the Rite Aid Asset Protection team to come together fostering dialogue for creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for our valued customers and dedicated employees. The collaboration that unfolded was impactful.”

“This immersive experience empowered us to broaden our perspectives on addressing the challenges prevalent in our stores and the wider industry,“ said Daniel Davies, Director of Asset Protection Solutions at Rite Aid. By embracing innovative thinking and collaborative problem-solving, we are poised to navigate these challenges with renewed vigor, ensuring a more resilient and secure retail landscape for our stores and the entire industry."

"The CONTROLTEK Method of Design Thinking is rooted in a user-centric approach to tackling challenges. By viewing the obstacles encountered by AP teams through the perspective of those directly affected, we gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. This approach enables us to pinpoint the root causes effectively, paving the way for the identification of comprehensive solutions and a clear understanding of their impact on end users," remarked Tom Meehan, President of CONTROLTEK. “We aim to work with retailers and solution providers in setting like this to address the dynamic challenges within the industry, ensuring continual evolution and improvement.”

The CONTROLTEK Method of Design Thinking, provided participants with a structured framework to address issues creatively and collaboratively. The workshop encouraged cross-functional teamwork and generated insights that can lead to actionable solutions. The collaborative effort between Rite Aid and CONTROLTEK reflects a commitment to innovation and progress within the retail and asset protection sectors. By leveraging the CONTROLTEK Design Thinking methodology, both parties aim to enhance the shopping experience and reinforce their dedication to creating safer and more enjoyable environments for customers.