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Benefits of RFID in Theft Protection

February 14, 2014

Statistics are showing that the rate of retail theft is steadily increasing, therefore security tagging is becoming not only important, but also essential, for retailers everywhere. CONTROLTEK is the North American distributor of RFID technology, one of the most modern technologies that provide leading retailers with protection against theft and loss, including a lot more functionality. We deliver well-built solutions “enabling commerce through innovation” and make certain to secure assets from top retailers across the globe.

Security tagging using RFID technology has major benefits when it comes to theft prevention. Not only is RFID used for theft prevention, it is also used to control inventory and ensure that there is an optimal operation and partnering between manufacturing, supply chain and Retail stores. Unlike other forms of technology, RFID provides all of these benefits using just one device. The RFID tags are placed on the products early in the supply chain, usually during manufacturing or distribution, and therefore protection against theft becomes an additional advantage to the already inherent benefits of inventory visibility.

At checkout, the RFID tag that was placed on each of the products during manufacturing or distribution is picked up and it is removed (or deactivated) from the stock list as the customer leaves the store. If a product leaves the store and was not registered at checkout, the alarm is activated and a potential theft is recognized. This allows the stock lists to stay up to date and the retailers to internally track and trace their deliveries. The information from the RFID tags is managed in real time so any miscalculations or discrepancies can be realized and fixed instantly.