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A Short Banking Supplies List of Tips for Branch Managers Seeking Counterfeit Money Detectors

October 27, 2021

When it comes to prioritizing new banking supplies for your branch, counterfeit money detectors from a reputable banking security company are critical. As a bank manager or member of the leadership team, the last thing you want to do is create a bad reputation at your branch–something that can bleed into the brand’s identity. And since it is a federal crime to possess fake bills, failing to detect counterfeit notes can put your customers at risk when they are handed cash from a teller, or make an ATM withdrawal.  When fake money is uncovered at banks it is removed from their internal circulation and the Secret Service is notified (yup, they don’t just protect the president) to come collect the fake bills. This article will offer valuable tips on how to purchase counterfeit money detectors as a part of your new banking supplies by covering the types of counterfeit money detectors every bank should invest in and explain each device’s intended use.

Currency Authenticators for Midsize to Large Volumes of Cash: UverifEYE

One of the most cost-effective ways to have employees verify the authenticity of currency is to have an ultraviolet lamp-like divide that recognizes currency watermarks and UV security threads. As older versions of this technology are bulky, large, and heavy, CONTROLTEK saw the need to design the UverifEYE, a durable, yet lightweight portable currency authenticator capable of scanning incoming cash. Most banks invest in several units, allocating one to each team member that handles incoming units of cash. The device is simple to use and makes verifying the authenticity of cash fast and easy.

Invest in a Counterfeit Detector Pen for Every Teller

While employees in the back and in the vault deal with large sums of cash daily, tellers traditionally do not. Therefore, having counterfeit money detectors more aligned to their tasks is ideal. Enter the counterfeit detector pen: a hand-held device that functions like a pen and can quickly verify individual notes as they are handed to customers. A counterfeit detection pen works by discoloring fake notes and alerting banks to potential fraudulent transactions. A counterfeit detector pen contains an iodine-based solution that has a reaction with the starch molecules found in paper made from wood–a sign that bills are fake. Cotton fibers and linen fibers do not react to the counterfeit detector pen, making it an affordable, easy way to verify the validity of money for tellers to take in and pass out cash.

clerk giving cash money to customer at bank office

Counterfeit Money Detectors for ATMs

While most ATM manufacturers in our modern era build cash dispensing machines with an internal eye capable of scanning and detecting fake bills, along with an internal device that can know the weight and size of each bill, most companies that sell banking supplies don’t offer these individual components that can be used to upgrade older ATMS. That said, once you have invested in the main components of banking supplies like counterfeit money detectors, tamper-evident bags, and security packaging, then you should consider upgrading your ATMs to models designed to detect counterfeit money.

From choosing the strongest bank coin deposit bags to ordering the right counterfeit money detectors, CONTROLTEK offers the latest in technology with superior products preferred by top-performing banks.

Why Partner with CONTROLTEK for Banking Supplies Like Counterfeit Money Detectors?

Simply put, CONTROLTEK is the best provider of banking supplies and counterfeit money detectors because we are ahead of the technology curve and offer true relationships with every client. As a bank manager part of your role is to protect the integrity of your brand, and this means having the right technology in place to detect outgoing and incoming fake notes. When you call CONTROLTEK we will work with you to assess your needs since we have a clear understanding of your operations, objectives, and goals. We understand that our ability to grow and be successful hinges on our ability to resolve the problems our banking clients have and offer them the best solutions to their needs. Call CONTROLTEK today and learn how we can help you improve operations, increase security, and provide an exceptional customer experience.