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5 Features To Look For in Tamper-Evident Bank Bags

August 5, 2021

Ensuring you have reliable, high-quality banking supplies is an important part of the operational efficiency of your banking operations, from counting cash and coins from customers to transporting cash and other high-value assets between branches or to high-security vaults. In this blog, we’ll review why banking supplies like tamper-evident cash bags can improve your operational efficiency and prevent cash theft.

Why Businesses Invest in Tamper Evident Bank Bags

Although they tend to stay behind the scenes of your operations, banking supplies can make the difference between providing a streamlined, user-friendly banking experience and not knowing where your assets are or even how much cash you have. In addition to the more standard banking supplies like coin sleeves, currency wraps, ATM supplies, and security tapes and seals, the best tamper-evident bank bags can help you quickly sort cash and securely transport your cash deposits.

The banking industry has used reusable money bags for centuries, but many banks and financial industries have started using tamper-evident cash bags. These tamper-evident bags are constructed of durable, high-quality plastic resin that can support the heavy weight of cash and coin deposits while withstanding the rigorous environment of cash vaults.

Some banking security bags feature a separate pocket to store checks, deposit slips, or other documents that you want to keep separate from cash. While it can be tempting to just mix these assets with your cash deposits, the time it takes to separate these items and properly count them adds up, costing you time and ultimately money.

Tamper Evident Bank Bag Top Features

Although some tamper-evident bank bags are designed for specific use cases, many of them share some common, highly effective tamper-evident features. Being familiar with these selling points will help you choose the right banking security products to improve internal efficiency and overall security. Below is a list of five features that you should look for in tamper-evident bags:

  1. Void Seal

The first layer of security in tamper-evident bank bags is usually a void seal, which is an adhesive printed with a void message that clearly indicates when a bag has been opened. Void messages are typically printed in bright colors with the word “VOID” repeated to create a highly visible message.

If the bag has been opened or tampered with before it reaches its intended destination, the void message will show it, making it much easier for you to catch potential theft early in the process, rather than later.

  1. Heat and Freezing Detection

Some experienced thieves use sneakier ways to get inside tamper evident cash bags; however, tamper-evident technology has evolved to deter this. Many banking tamper-evident bags use a special thermochromic ink that changes color when exposed to changes in temperature.

For example, if a thief tried to use heat to weaken the seal of a bag, heat-detecting thermochromic ink would reveal a void message (usually printed in red), while cold-detecting ink usually activates a blue void message. The different colors can help you determine exactly how someone tried to open the bag and fast-track your investigation.

  1. Water and Saliva Detection

Determined thieves have used water and even saliva to create a barrier before sealing the bag, so it doesn’t properly close, with the goal of opening the bag without activating a standard void message from breaking the adhesive.

CONTROLTEK banking security bags feature a tamper-evident message along the seal, but using fluids to tamper with the bag will smear the security message and clearly indicate an attempt at opening or tampering with the bag.

  1. Security Border and Micro Printing

But what if a thief tries to just cut open a tamper-evident bag? High-quality tamper evident cash bags are designed to combat this type of tampering as well. Vulnerable areas, like the edges and gusset of banking security bags, typically feature microprinting, or a small pattern printed all along the more fragile areas of the bag.

If someone attempts to cut the bag open, take some of its contents, and seal it up again, it would be virtually impossible to line up the pattern perfectly. The obviously misaligned pattern would then indicate to banking and CIT staff that the bag was tampered with.

  1. Triple-Seal Closure

Tamper evident cash bags are often not filled up all the way, whether it’s because the cash deposit is smaller or a business wants to transport a few checks. In this case, many employees simply fold the bag in half to save space. However, when you seal a tamper-evident bag differently from where it’s designed to be closed, the bag might not actually be sealed, leaving a gap that a thief could easily reach into.

A triple-seal closure is an easy-to-use security feature that makes it impossible to open a partially filled bag without being detected. CONTROLTEK’s TripLOK uses a patented triple-seal closure with an interior adhesive that leaves no openings once the bag is sealed, even if the bag is folded in half.

Protect Your Cash and Valuable Assets with CONTROLTEK Banking Security Tamper Evident Bags

If you’re struggling with cash loss but aren’t sure where it’s coming from, consider investing in high-quality tamper-evident bags.

At CONTROLTEK, we have over 40 years of experience in sourcing the best banking supplies and developing effective banking security bags that help businesses track and transport cash and other high-value assets. CONTROLTEK’s line of bank bags can help you reduce internal theft, improve your efficiency, and streamline cash handling.

To learn more about how our tamper-evident cash bags can improve your operational efficiency, contact us today.