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Here you can download the Post-Installation Guide for your system.


Why is my system alarming?

Pedestals detect any products that are tagged between the pedestals (in the field) and will alarm when the Pedestals see a tag.


Why is only one pedestal alarming and showing a light?

Only 1 pedestal will alarm and show a light. The pedestal closest to the Cash Wrap (POS counter) will be the pedestal that alarms and shows a light when seeing a tag in the field.


What is causing the system to false alarm?

Most alarms are generated by failure to deactivate a soft tag or remove a hard EAS tag. Or, if an antenna reads tags inside the store that are too
close to the antenna unit(s) there is a potential for a false activation. Here are some common causes of these issues:

The security tag has not been removed at the point of purchase.

The antenna is picking up signals from tags close to the door that are not leaving the store. It is ideal to keep all tagged merchandise at least six feet from the system(s).

Metal Shutters/Rolldown Gates affect signals of the antenna by reflecting them inside the store. The system will adjust itself within few minutes after these are closed and false alarms will diminish/stop.

Newly tagged products are placed up front near the door, close to the antenna. Check to ensure these tagged items are not too close to the system(s).

What to do: Check for loose tags or tagged merchandise within six feet of systems and verify that your cash register is not closer than six feet from systems. If you are getting more alarms than usual, please contact the CONTROLTEK Technical Support email or phone line.


My system is not alarming at normal intervals or is not detecting tags.

If the system is not alarming at normal intervals or not detecting tags, check the system with a designated “Test Tag”.

  • If the system detects properly with the “test tag”, the problem is due to incorrect tagging or a defective tag.
  • If the system does not detect properly, then the system requires servicing. Contact CONTROLTEK Support.


CONTROL-AfterCare Post-Installation Guide