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What Makes CONTROLTEK Different?
Delivering Your Promised Solution First Time Right™

RFID and EAS Systems Delivered First Time Right

Thanks to the people like Becky Kroells, CONTROLTEK has the highest measured rate of First Time Right system installations in our industry.  This means that when our technician leaves your retail location, you can count on your new EAS or RFID system working as promised on the very first try.  This reduces the number of visits (and interruptions) to your store operations, and helps you fight shrink more efficiently from the moment you first flip the switch.  Learn more about how we do this.

Your Tags Delivered First Time Right

Protecting a coat isn’t the same as protecting a golf club, which in turn is very different from protecting a can of crab meat.  Our employees, like Stefanie Hoover, understand this, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that each EAS and RFID tag we offer works correctly and effectively in its intended environment.  Take a look at our EAS and RIFD tag lineup and if you don’t see a tag that would fit what you need to protect, contact us to see if we can design it.

Cash Security Delivered First Time Right

CONTROLTEK has perfected the just-in-time, always-available system for delivering cash security products, such as our very popular cash deposit bags.  We’ve built multiple redundancies in our manufacturing, logistical and customer service systems which means that you will never run out of your mission critical cash security supplies.  Of course, the most important reason why some of the world’s leading banks rely on CONTROLTEK is the reliability of our people, like Jason Emtage, who know that getting the job done First Time Right is the only way to do it.  See why else our cash security products are so popular.

First Time Right in Every Department

For us, First Time Right is not a marketing slogan, but a mantra that every employee in every department strives to follow. Does this mean we never fail and are never wrong? Of course not. What it means is that we aim to get it right the first time, and when we don’t, we own it and work hard and fast to correct it. Here are how some of our employees from other departments strive for this high ideal: