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SKU 590372

OnTrac Custom Printed Yellow Bolt Seal - 250/ctn

The BoltSeal offers strong protection for your goods from tampering, theft, and unauthorized access. This high-security seal is easy to use by self-locking when securely snapped closed but makes it very hard to break into as only bolt cutters can remove it. With this BoltSeal, you'll have peace of mind and well-protected goods. This version also has OnTrac-specific printing on the bolts.

OnTrac Custom Printed Yellow Bolt Seal - 250/ctn

1. Secure truck doors to protect high-value goods 2. Galvanized mid-carbon steel 3. 3.5""X0.375""
4. Sequential numbers and barcode
5. Serial number on both bolt and cap
6. Self-locking - snap closed
7. 250/Carton 8. OnTrac Custom Printing

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