Mitigating the Risks of Cryptocurrency

What Are the Risks? As of 2019, the total dollar-denominated value of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, in circulation is $64.3 billion, with the total market value of all traded cryptocurrencies reaching nearly $134 billion. Approximately $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency was stolen in the first half of 2018, about a year after Bitcoin’s value started to […]

How Tamper Evident Security Labels Work

Tamper-evident technology has existed since ancient times, beginning with wax, clay or metal seals used to show if a letter had been opened since it was written. Today, tamper-evident security labels are a cost-effective way to deter theft and show unmistakable visual signs of tampering. The most common and widely applicable label is tamper seal […]

The Impact of “Toxic” Co-workers

What’s really going on with the “toxic workplace” trend

What is an EAS System?

What is an EAS System? Electronic article surveillance, or EAS, is a type of technology that prevents shoplifting. EAS is most often used in retail stores but can also be found in libraries and office buildings. EAS usually involves three components: At least one electronic antenna A deactivator or detacher An electronic tag How an […]

How Counterfeit Money Pens Work

Counterfeit money pens discolor normal paper, but not money which is made of fiber-based paper. Learn more & shop CONTROLTEK’s counterfeit detectors today!

How Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) Work

ATMs are data terminals that connect to the bank computer through a host processor. Learn more about how ATMs work from CONTROLTEK experts today!

Tom Meehan and FaceApp

FaceApp Isn’t the Privacy Threat We Should Worry About

This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine. Recently in the news you probably saw, read, or heard something about FaceApp—a mobile application that takes a picture and uses artificial intelligence to change the age, hair color, facial structure, and other facial attributes. There has been a high degree of scrutiny around the app and […]