Phone Interview Tips for Superheroes

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI By now your inbox has probably been saturated with tips on how to stay productive while working from home. Most of them may seem fairly obvious, as a work-from-home professional for the past seven years, I still read them looking for new ideas. For my investigator friends, I thought this would […]

someone on a video conference

Get More Done: Optimize Virtual Meetings

Most companies have moved to remote-work models, so most meetings are taking place via virtual conference applications. Don’t let this shift have negative impact on your business practices. Optimize your virtual meetings with these quick tips. Establish “House Rules” To keep everyone on the same page and keep the meeting running efficiently, establish rules for […]

someone on a laptop with security on their mind

Securing a Remote Workforce

The evolving Coronavirus pandemic has many companies deploying work-from-home arrangements. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this shift by crafting new phishing and malware operations. Ensure your team is equipped with these quick cybersecurity and remote work tips. 5 Email Safety Tips for Remote-Work Employees Never click links for more information or download attachments when sent […]

2020 Retail Trends That Will Impact Asset Protection

This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine. As an observer and avid reader about the ever-changing retail and technology industry, it is hard for me not to form opinions of where our industry is going. Following are my thoughts on the trends I see impacting asset protection and retail professionals this year and beyond. […]

Standardization to Bring Greater Transparency and Efficiency in Cash Logistics and Visibility

This article originally appeared in Loss Prevention Magazine. Cash logistics and visibility is critical to business. Packages sent to your home are tracked efficiently, so you know exactly where and how they move. Shouldn’t it be possible to track your money the same as your packages? I can track my Domino’s pizza from the oven […]

Tom Meehan and Rubin Press examining RFID technology in an innovation lab

What is RFID & How Does RFID Work?

by Rubin Press, Vice President of Global Sales at CONTROLTEK Radio frequency identification, more commonly known as RFID, has been around since World War II and used in many settings and applications. In the last 20 years, the developments in the technology have made RFID available in the retail industry. How RFID Works RFID consists […]

CFI Benefits Beyond the Title

By Stefanie Hoover, CFI Have you seen those holiday car commercials featuring people giving themselves the gift of a car? They are constantly on TV and in my opinion, they seem a little creepy. I get what they are trying to do: it’s mildly amusing, and sometimes it does feel nice to give yourself a […]